How to find the best divorce lawyer.

Once you have decided your ready to file for divorce, how do you find the best divorce lawyer to represent you?

1. ASK FRIENDS AND FAMILY - Talking to others who have been through the process can be a great place to start. They might not have a direct referral that they can provide you, but often times they can give you invaluable advice on what qualities to look for in your attorney. 

2. SCHEDULE A FEW APPOINTMENTS - Most divorce attorneys will offer a free consultation. You should have a few consultations before you make your decision. Beware, if what a lawyer is telling you sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Look for an attorney who you think you can get along with, long-term. They are going to be with you through one of the most challenging points in your life. Make sure they are compassionate and knowledgeable about the law.

3. UNDERSTAND THE FEES - Make sure you understand how the lawyers fees work. Regardless of how much money must be put down as a "retainer" you should be made aware of the hourly rate of the attorney because that can make a big difference in how quickly your retainer is used up. The best divorce lawyers are not always the most expensive ones.

4. HOW BUSY IS THE ATTORNEY? - You want to make sure to hire an attorney who has the time to handle your case effectively. However, be wary of attorneys who don't seem very busy. They might not be busy for a reason! The best divorce lawyers may not be able to get you in for an appointment the same day that you call. You should be able to expect a return phone call from your attorney the same day that you call or by the end of the next business day at the latest. 

5. ORGANIZATION - Take a look around at your attorneys office. Is it organized and neat? You need an attorney who takes pride in their work. A pending divorce case has deadlines that must be met and court dates that can't be missed. If there are papers scattered everywhere, that should be concerning to you.

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